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Club and community members are invited to check out the new Rotary Club of Westerville Peace Pole installed at our Harris-Askins House housing complex for low-income seniors, 200 S. State St.

The completely custom-made Peace Pole was a multi-year project for the club.  It was the first project for our Peacebuilders Committee, formed in 2021 and now chaired by Dr. Larry Shepherd.

Residents of the Harris-Askins House, club members and even second-grade students enrolled in the Rotary’s I Can program contributed designs that were incorporated into ceramic tiles on the pole.

It was dedicated on Sunday, June 25, with District 6690 Peace Chair Tim Carlisi in attendance.

At the dedication ceremony, Dr. Shepherd thanked the many people and groups who participated in creating the one-of-a-kind Peace Pole. Joe Meyer, Jim Meacham and Katrina Plourde as successive presidents of our club supported this first project of the committee.

Joan McKinney of Aurora Exhibits inspired the idea of creating the unique with people of the Westerville community submitting drawings of images of peace, which were converted into 4×4-inch tiles that cover all four sides of the 6-foot pole. Eighty drawings and designs in total make up the design, including logos of the club and the last three Rotary International’s annual theme logos.

Chris Koval, a Boy Scout and grandson of Rotarians Carol and Mike Groseclose, assisted in creating, assembling and installing the pole as part of his Eagle Scout project. It is placed in a contemplation garden near the Harris-Askins House gazebo, with a new bench for visitors.

A District 6690 mini-grant was obtained to help pay for the pole’s construction.

District Peacebuilders Chairman Carlisi spoke about Rotary International Peace Pole initiative. He said more than 250,000 Peace Poles have now been installed by Rotary Clubs, in every country in the world. Erecting a Peace Pole is a way of bringing people together to inspire, awaken and uplift the human consciousness the world over, he said.

Carlisi added that the truly unique Westerville Peace Pole is the first he is aware of to be installed at a senior housing complex.

Rotary Club of Westerville 2022-23 President Jim Meacham formally dedicated the Peace Pole June 25.

“This Peace Pole symbolizes the desire for peace in the world, and the hope the world can be a better place. To the Rotary Club of Westerville and what it means to this community, even to the point of establishing the Harris-Askins House facility, we dedicate this peace pole,” Meacham said.

Club members interested in participating in our Peacebuilders Committee can contact Dr. Shepherd by email at


ABOVE: Evening view of the new Rotary Club of Westerville recently installed at the Harris-Askins House, 200 S. State St.

BELOW: Video of the dedication ceremony by District 6690 Peacebuilder Committee Chair Tim Carlisi.

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